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    Chapter 10 – Kapalua

    Kapalua is situated on the northwest coast of Maui, and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in America. Kapalua Bay, the area’s namesake, was voted best beach in America by the Travel Channel. Kapalua has a fantastic view of the islands of Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi, as well as the West Maui Mountains. The weather in Kapalua is ideal, with very little rainfall and few cloudy days. The air quality in Kapalua is significantly better than other areas of the country. With a population of less than 400 people as of the 2010 census, this area of Maui definitely has a small town feel.

    One of the amenities Kapalua has to offer is the Kapalua Resort. The resort has two golf courses, and hosts the Hyundai Tournament of Champions every January, the kickoff of the PGA tour. Golf lessons are also available at the Kapalua Golf Academy.

    The resort offers accommodations for visitors with everything from a vacation rental home program to a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. There are also tennis courts on the resort. The resort offers many activities to residents and visitors, including hiking trails, zip lining, and a full service spa. The resort also offers private event venue rentals for weddings, parties and corporate events and meetings. There are many restaurants in and around the resort, and the Ritz-Carlton also offers many different restaurant choices.

    For those who want to make their home at the Kapalua Resort, the Kapalua Resort Association ensures the maintenance of Kapalua. The Association also provides a shuttle as well as maintains common areas and roads. Residents have a myriad of choices when it comes to what type of home to purchase.

    From residential suites at The Ritz-Carlton, to condominiums and villas there is an ideal home for everyone. The estimated house or condo value average in Kapalua in 2011 was $888,000, and most rentals averaged $2,000 a month. The average income of residents in Kapalua is $118,000 annually. The unemployment rate in 2012 was less than 5%. As there are very few residents with children living in Kapalua (the average age is 56 years) there are no schools in the community.

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    Joe Wassil