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    Kapolei is located on the former site of sugarcane and pineapple plantations, on land that was originally part of the estate of industrialist James Campbell. While Kapolei is often referred to as a city, it is not an official municipality. Also called “The Second City of Kapolei”, the community is named after a volcanic cone, Puu o Kapolei. “Puu” means “hill,” and “Kapo lei” means “beloved Kapo,” with Kapo referring to a mythological goddess.

    As the island’s fastest-growing towns, Kapolei is currently being developed as an urban alternative to Honolulu. According to town projections, by 2025 there will be 7.8 million square feet of commercial space and 46,000 new homes built in the Kapolei region. The initial construction of residences in the area began in the late 1980s, and commercial development followed shortly thereafter.  Kapolei Commons, consisting of major shops such as Target and Ross located on Kapolei Parkway, was constructed in the Spring of 2009, and now provides Kapolei residents with a new destination for dining and shopping.  Because of the quick growth and huge potential in Kapolei, National outlet retailers now have their eyes set on the center’s next expansion phase, and plan to build a new outlet mall and entertainment restaurant center.

    Many Kapolei residents commute into Honolulu for work, making its location next to Interstate H1 an enticing bedroom community. However, it is predicted, that in the next 20 years there will be approximately 65,000 new jobs in the Kapolei region possibly eliminating many commuters.

    Real estate in Kapolei includes a wide range of housing from single family homes, condos, townhomes, and rentals.  Because of the abundance of parks, beaches, mountains, and things to do in Kapolei more families are deciding to settle in the “second city.”  In order to meet the demand, Kapolei’s housing choices are continuing to grow with a number of planned residential communities, including Kapolei West and Makaiwa, which between the two will provide around 6,700 new home options.  These communities will offer spectacular views of Ko’Olina Resort and the ocean beyond.

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