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Ron And Sabrina Najarian

At Home in Kailua

Ron and Sabrina own and operate the auto repair shop RNS Automotive in Kailua.

Please tell me about yourselves.

WE have been married for 16 years and reside in Kailua.  WE have a 23 year-old son and are fostering a 1-year-old boy with the expectation of adopting him.

How long have you lived in Kailua?

WE have always lived in Kailua and currently own a beautiful house in Maunawili.

Where is Kailua and what’s it like as a community?

Kailua is on the Windward side of Oahu. WE love the small-town feel with an updated look. Being small business owners, WE love the fact that the businesses in Kailua respect and support each other. Kailua is also a very family friendly suburban town with beautiful parks and beaches. In fact, Lanikai Beach has been voted #1. In our subdivision of Maunawili, WE are surrounded by mountains but are only 10 minutes away from the beach.

Did you have your heart set on Kailua or did you consider buying in other neighborhoods in and around Honolulu?

It was always Kailua! WE love the quality of life here.

Do you worry about crime in Kailua?

Not so much, especially with neighborhood watch.

Have you found it easy to find childcare in Kailua?

WE have been blessed with a wonderful network of friends who always lend a helping hand. It was never hard to meet people when WE moved here.

What’s your commute like? How is the traffic heading into the city of Honolulu?

Our shop used to be located in Mapunapuna. With the new H3 Freeway, getting to work was a breeze. If you’re commuting into the city of Honolulu, you should leave a little earlier during peak traffic times.

How has the real estate market changed since you bought your house?

It has its ups and downs but our home in Maunawili has always had equity. It has doubled in value.

What would you say is the one “can’t miss” event or place that a family living in Kailua and Hawaii should be sure to experience?

The Kailua town party and the 4th of July parade with fireworks to finish the evening off on Kailua Beach. Honolulu also has wonderful local plays at the Daimond Head Theatre, The Hawaii Theatre & the Paliku Theatre at Windward Community College.

What places should you avoid if you don’t want to see a lot of tourists?

Waikiki would be a place to avoid.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Kailua or in other parts of Honolulu?

WE like Willow Tree for Korean. WE also like Buzzes for the salad bar, steak and seafood – and Assagios and Zias for Italian.

What advice would you give people who are house hunting in Honolulu and especially in Kailua?

Check out the neighborhoods during the day and evening. Also, be sure to ask people who live in the area for the pro and cons.


“Aloha, I am in the Coast Guard and my husband is a self employed landscaper, together we are very hard workers, but we aren’t the only ones. Team Lally is a hardworking real estate team who deliver exception customer service, care about their customers needs, remain patient and cater to customers ultimate desire. We purchased a beautiful home in Makakilo August 2012. When Team Lally showed us the house for the first time, we said “this is the one we want and we will wait a year if we have to.” Team Lally understood our end desire, accommodated us, and didn’t try to detour us into another purchase. They remained patient and informative through the short sale process and in the end, six months later, we got the house we wanted and felt relieved that we had an outstanding team who assisted us in making our dreams come true. Thank you Team Lally, I will always refer your team and I hope others will trust in your team as we did. Mahalo Crystal & Sandro”
Crystal & Sandro