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    We take great pride in the services our company provides and we want the world to know. So please share your experience with others using any of the links below. In appreciation of your time, we will mail you a $25 gift card for each review you complete. Just email us at and include which reviews you did, your mailing address, and which gift card(s) you would like from the following: Target, Starbucks, Costco, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Shell, Outback, or Amazon.



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    “I purchased my home as a single woman nearly 10 years ago in what I call a “big girl moment”.  I improved it over the years, and then decided to move home to the mainland to be closer to  my family. I was referred to Team Lally, and much differently than other agents I was referred to, they called me immediately, providing a full scope of their services, which is impressive. I liked the fact that they had me meet them in their office, outside the potentially emotional environment of my home. This is business, after all! My home was first shown on June 10 and closed at a handsome price on August 30. Wow. These guys communicate regularly by phone, provide excellent service via email and while closing the sale I experienced the best possible service. Were I to contemplate moving back to Hawaii, Team Lally would be my first call!”
    Lora Williams Helmer